NFIB Members Respond to Obamacare

Small business owners from across the country are telling NFIB about their experiences with the Affordable Care Act. Check out their stories below, and tell us how the law is impacting you, your business, and your employees.

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 “I am currently cutting 25 from my payroll to get under 50 employees…I cannot afford to pay any more.”
– Nick Thomas, Virginia

“We will have reduced revenue, which we have only begun to see success on our bottom line, now again it will be impacted by taxes and employer fees associated with all of these requirements. The burden is too much to anticipate and calculate.”
– Debbie Barich, Arizona

“There are many sneaky taxes and more regulation in this bill and they hurt Americans for the aid of few and at great cost.”
– Robert Wilson, Georgia

“…if the minimum wage goes up, I will no longer cover health care, because I will have to pay it in wages, and I am so agitated that I am considering retiring. Then 10 full time employees would not have a job.”
–  Shirley Prasko, Pennsylvania

“We may cancel employee coverage. The cost is getting prohibitive.”
– Annette Crandall, Michigan

“Because of the new mandates from Obamacare our premiums increased 81%. Staff cost cutting measures are in process to offset.”
– Mike Luiten, Washington

I have to make up the extra cost of our insurance plan somewhere, if that is letting employees go – it will happen.” 
– Robert Henslee, Alabama

“I was able to retain my existing HSA plan however the rates increased about $2,400 per year. If I wanted to change it was very hard to keep my existing doctors. Now if I need attention the insurance company tells the doctor what medications I can be on or what tests can be performed.”
– Larry Carroll, Ohio

“I am going to close down my business and get out of the consultant game.”
– Jan TaraBori, Pennsylvania



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