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  • "New Jerseyans should spend their hard-earned money at small, independent businesses - the engines that drive our state's economy and keep our local communities vibrant." Small Business Saturday: Shop Locally & Support Your Community! Read Full Article
  • "NFIB members and small business owners can be proud of the efforts we made together in this election." 2023 New Jersey Elections Update Read Full Article
  • BE SURE TO VOTE! NFIB small business owners support candidates who understand the challenges and issues they face every day running their business. New Jersey Early Voting Ends Nov. 5th, Election Day is Nov. 7th; Empower the Small Business Vote with NFIB’s Voter Guide Read Full Article
  • State legislatures are focused on higher minimum wage, healthcare, unemployment insurance, and tax-related ballot initiatives as election season comes to a close in November. Several State Legislatures Focus on Higher Minimum Wage, Healthcare, Among Key Issues Read Full Article
  • “NFIB’s voting record and the endorsements we are announcing today make it crystal clear who ‘walks the walk’ for small business owners in the Senate and the General Assembly, and not just on the campaign trail during election season. We will aggressively support these candidates who best represent our members and will fight for the continued growth and vitality of New Jersey small businesses.” NFIB New Jersey Endorses Pro-Small-Business Candidates for Legislature Read Full Article
  • NFIB tracks the key legislative issues identified by our small business members every session, and then we tabulate a score for each New Jersey lawmaker in the General Assembly and state Senate. The NFIB voting record provides a critically important evaluation of a legislator’s attitude toward small business based on floor votes. You won’t find a more effective way to gauge the performance of politicians than examining their voting record. Did Your New Jersey Lawmaker Earn 100% on NFIB’s 2023 Voting Record? Read Full Article
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