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  • Big Government and Big Labor are teaming up to make it harder and riskier to use independent contractors in Minnesota under the guise of cracking down on “worker misclassification.” Minnesota Lawmakers To Consider Independent Contractor Regulations Read Full Article
  • Learn more about the harmful proposals moving through the Minnesota Legislature Join NFIB Minnesota For a Legislative Update Webinar on April 23 Read Full Article
  • “A full-time legislature will be a full-time headache for small business owners and everyone else in Minnesota.” Minnesota Small Businesses Oppose Full-Time Legislature Constitutional Amendment Read Full Article
  • The Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDOR) is offering several no-cost tax webinars that may help your small business remain compliant with collections requirements. State of Minnesota Offers Free Sales Tax Webinars Read Full Article
  • “Minnesotans need lawmakers to set aside expensive and risky plans for the future and address the health insurance cost cliff staring us in the face now.” Op-Ed: Don’t Take Risks With Minnesota’s Health Insurance Cost Cliff Read Full Article
  • Minnesota lawmakers are weighing a bill that would nearly double the state minimum wage over the next four years. Can Minnesota Small Businesses Afford A $20/Hour Minimum Wage? Read Full Article
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