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There is proposed legislation in Connecticut to expand mandated paid leave to businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Small business CANNOT afford this.

Most small businesses offer paid time off but the vast majority don’t compartmentalize the benefit into vacation days, sick days or family leave.  NFIB’s research institute found that 73 percent of all small firms already offer paid time off to their full-time workers.  Among them, 67 percent offer two weeks or more. 

The legislative proposal currently being considered will harm even the smallest of businesses, including those that already offer generous and flexible leave benefits.

The Connecticut Senate, in a last ditch effort as the legislative session winds down, attempted to further increase the state minimum wage to $12 by the year 2020. This wage hike would have made Connecticut one of the highest minimum wages in the country and created a competitive disadvantage against other nearby states.  It would also have meant that Connecticut’s minimum wage increased over 31% since 2015!

The new economic reality in Connecticut is that we are already burdened with expensive and poorly run government programs and we certainly do not need to add to the list.  


How NFIB can help you: 

NFIB is the leading advocate for small business owners, with offices in every state capital, and Washington, D.C. Members also gain access to a series of benefits that will help them save time and money. 

Take action, join the voice of small business, and be heard by your elected officials in the Connecticut legislature.



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