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  • NFIB State Director Natalie Robinson writes that making it law could create a host of problems. Wage Transparency Could Have Unintended Consequences Read Full Article
  • Here's what you need to know to vote in this important election. There's a Lot Riding on the May 7 Primary Read Full Article
  • The measures will level the playing field for Indiana's small businesses. Meaningful Legal Reforms Take Effect July 1 Read Full Article
  • We asked the 8 candidates for governor how they would ease the financial pressure on Indiana's Main Street businesses. Where Do the Candidates Stand on Taxes? Read Full Article
  • NFIB co-hosted the event to show voters where the candidates stand on small business. WATCH: Gubernatorial Candidate Speak Out Forum Read Full Article
  • It was another good legislative session for Indiana's small businesses. General Assembly Gavels to a Close Read Full Article
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