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Congratulations to Our Winners!

Week 5: Carol Sibbel, Coon Rapids, MN
Week 4: Benjamin Vosburgh
, Allentown, PA
Week 3: Gary Gogel
, Arizona City, AZ
Week 2: Dave Straub
, Corvallis, OR
Week 1: Megan McCuller
, South Portland, ME

The hunt has concluded, but the rest of the website awaits you!



Join the NFIB Scavenger Hunt March 1-31, 2014, and you could win one of 5 weekly gift card giveaways! And, along the way, we predict you’ll discover insightful information to help make the most of your NFIB membership and protect the future of your small business.


How to Play:

  1. Each day in March read the daily trivia question on this page
  2. Browse to search for clues and find the answer
  3. Submit your answer through the online entry form on this page
  4. Correct answers are entered in the weekly drawing for a $500.00 VISA GIFT CARD


You could win one of 5 gift cards throughout the month of March through weekly random drawings of all correct answers.

One entry per person per day. Check back daily for new questions and better your chances of winning.

Congratulations to Our Winners!

Week 5: Carol Sibbel, Coon Rapids, MN
Week 4: Benjamin Vosburgh
, Allentown, PA
Week 3: Gary Gogel
, Arizona City, AZ
Week 2: Dave Straub
, Corvallis, OR
Week 1: Megan McCuller
, South Portland, ME


Sweepstakes rules

[scheduled onetime="2014/02/28" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"][scheduled onetime="2014/02/28" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:1:0"]On March 1, the first trivia question will appear here![/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/01" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"][scheduled onetime="2014/03/01" time="06:00 AM" length="0:0:0:0"]March 1: The mission of NFIB is to promote and protect the right of members to own, operate and __________ their business.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/02" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 2: How many Young Entrepreneur Awards did the NFIB Young Entrepreneur (YEF) Foundation award in 2013 to high school seniors? [/scheduled]      

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/03" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 3: NFIB members can save big on business and financial services. How much do NFIB members save on uniform and facility services through the UniFirst benefit program?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/04" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 4: Which foundation of NFIB helps provide insight into the small business economy?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/05" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 5: NFIB’s How Congress Voted looks at how your U.S. senators and representatives vote on small business issues. To earn an NFIB Small Business Guardian Award, lawmakers must vote in favor of small business ___% or more of the time.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/06" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 6: Name an NFIB event taking place on March 12, 2014.[/scheduled] 

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/07" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 7: NFIB publishes a small business magazine as a resource for its members. What is the name of the magazine?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/08" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 8: As part of NFIB’s advocacy efforts, members can vote their ballot to provide their voice on the issues important to them. At any given time in America, how many pieces of state and federal legislation are considered that could directly affect your ability to own, operate and grow your business.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/09" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 9: How many small or independent small business owners are members of NFIB?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/10" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 10: The impacts of the economy are a key element to NFIB’s advocacy. When it comes to the economy, small business represents ___% of all employer firms?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/11" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 11: What is the name of the well- known report produced by the Research Foundation that includes the latest research, polls and information on critical small business trends?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/12" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 12: Through its Member Benefits, NFIB offers free HR support for your business. This includes Legal Employment Guides. Name the title of one of the NFIB Legal Employment Guides offered.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/13" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 13: As a Benefit of Belonging, NFIB members can save with cost effective personal home and auto insurance from ____________?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/14" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 14: Who is NFIB’s President and CEO?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/15" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 15: NFIB offers state specific workers’ compensation programs in three states. Name one of the states.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/16" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 16: One of the resources of NFIB is to provide detailed information on healthcare and the Affordable Care Act. NFIB members can also save thousands and get affordable plans through the NFIB Health Insurance __________?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/17" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 17: NFIB member benefits provide savings on business and financial services. How much can an NFIB member save on maintenance and repair supplies with Grainger? [/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/18" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 18: As a Benefit of Belonging, NFIB offers member-exclusive discounts on payment processing through which company?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/19" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 19: Name the three foundations of NFIB.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/20" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 20: According to its mission, the Young Entrepreneur Foundation is committed to educating young people about the critical role of small business and the ________ ________ ________ system.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/21" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 21: What year was NFIB founded? [/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/22" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 22: In the About Us section, what two things are listed that NFIB is NOT?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/23" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 23: You can obtain the state information for your state office by visiting the advocacy section and choosing your state from the map. What street is the Delaware state office located on?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/24" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 24: As a member benefit, how much can members save on payroll services through NFIB Payroll?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/25" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 25: Working at NFIB can be a very rewarding career choice. Visit Careers on the site and discover the “working at NFIB - Culture and Values” section. One of the core values for our members is that “We are committed to excellence in __________ and all we do on behalf of our members.[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/26" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 26: NFIB offers 3 state specific workers’ compensation programs as a benefit for members. What company provides the workers’ compensation program in Arizona?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/27" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 27: Who is the Executive Director of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/28" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 28: Under the Top 7 reasons for “Why NFIB?” you’ll see NFIB has representation in the 113th Congress because how many NFIB members were elected?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/29" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 29: NFIB represents itself on several social networks. True or false: Pinterest is one of the places you can follow NFIB?[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/30" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 30: In the tagline represented by NFIB on the website, NFIB is Protecting the _____ of Small Business[/scheduled]

[scheduled onetime="2014/03/31" time="06:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]March 31: Visit the About Us section of the site and under the “What is NFIB?” tab, choose “What we fight for.” You will see that NFIB fights to make healthcare more _________ and affordable.[/scheduled]




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