Election 2012

What the 2012 Election Means for Small Biz

Here you will find discussions from our policy experts and questions from the small business community on the impact the 2012 Presidential Election could have on our nation’s small businesses.

Read the transcripts from our Live Chats:

After the Presidential Debates | After the RNC Convention | After the DNC Convention

After the Debates: Live Chat with NFIB Policy Experts on October 19

After the Conventions

Find out what the conventions mean for your small business and discuss the issues that impact you most.Live Chats with our policy experts following: Republican National Convention (RNC) | Democratic National Convention (DNC)

NFIB Discusses Democratic National Convention and What it Means to Your Small Business :

NFIB Discusses Republican National Convention and What it Means to Your Small Business :

See the study mentioned by Mitt Romney during Presidential Debate on Oct. 3:

Effects of higher tax rates on job creators


NFIB is leading the charge in building the small business vote which will change the perspective in Washington and the direction of our country.

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NFIB-Endorsed Candidates

Throughout the election cycle, NFIB endorses candidates based exclusively on their positions and voting record on small business issues. Find out about NFIB's endorsement process and view a list of endorsed candidates.

Key Races

We monitor political campaigns year-round and take action in the races that will have the biggest impact on the future of small business. Our political involvement includes voter education, voter registration, grassroots mobilization, media campaigns and direct candidate support. Learn more about how NFIB is involved in these key races.

Candidate Resources

NFIB provides critical information about small business to candidates running for office. Access our Federal Candidate Questionnaire and tell us where you stand on small business issues. If you are a small business owner running for office, download NFIB's Business Candidate Guide to find everything you'll need to know about running a successful campaign.

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