NFIB South Carolina Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018



Stopped Undeserving Unemployment Benefits

NFIB passed legislation that states anyone terminated with cause cannot receive unemployment benefits.


Awarded Tax Credits for Business Investors

NFIB helped pass the Small Business Access to Growth Act, which establishes state income tax credits for “angel investors” who provide capital for emerging “high-growth” enterprises in such areas as manufacturing, processing, warehousing, wholesaling, software development, and information technology services.


Stopped Mandated Wage Garnishment

Stopped legislation that would have forced employers to garnish wages that employees may owe to third parties.


New Roads and Bridges With No New Small Business Taxes

Convinced lawmakers to commit tens of millions of dollars for road and bridge improvements, without raising taxes on small businesses.


Meaningful Lawsuit Reform

NFIB led the fight for comprehensive tort reform, limiting the possibility of “frivolous lawsuits” against small businesses.


Stop Proposed Insurance Mandate

NFIB stopped proposed legislation that would have required health insurance policies for self-insured business owners to cover autism, increasing premiums by hundreds of dollars per year.







Eliminate the Personal Property Tax

NFIB is working with the Department of Revenue to find a way to eliminate the business personal property tax.


Pass Legislation that Eliminates the Need for Duplicate City and County Business Licenses

NFIB supports legislation that would eliminate excessive duplicate business license fees and taxes for a business to operate within a city’s border.


Drug Testing for Unemployment Insurance

NFIB supports legislation that would disqualify people from collecting unemployment benefits if they fail a pre-employment drug test.


Restore Protections for Limited Liability Companies

In 2012, the state Supreme Court said an LLC member could be held personally liable for construction defects. NFIB supports efforts to restore the protections LLC members had before the ruling.








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