Recent NFIB Pennsylvania Victories

Date: November 03, 2014

Reduced Workers’ Compensation Costs

NFIB was successful in closing a loophole in
the Workers’ Compensation Act that allowed physicians to dispense prescription
drugs to workers directly from their offices at highly inflated prices.  The new law, which some estimate will reduce
premiums by one percent, limits the price that physicians can charge and the
amount that can be dispensed.

Protects Pennsylvania Against Onerous EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations

We helped pass a bill that will give small-business
owners a voice by requiring public input on the state’s federal carbon
emissions plan.  The new law requires the
Department of Environmental Protection to submit its plan to the General
Assembly for consent before it can be submitted to the EPA.

 NFIB Killed the Death Tax

NFIB successfully led the fight to repeal the Death Tax on businesses with
assets up to a million dollars. Now the heirs to a family business won’t have
to close up shop or liquidate assets when the owner dies just to pay the
Previously NFIB was successful in having the Death Tax repealed for family

NFIB Repealed the State Tax on Small Business Loans
When small business owners loaned their company money from their salary,
they had been forced to pay a state loans tax.  NFIB successfully got
that repealed by explaining to lawmakers not only was it  hindering
small-business growth, but the money was being taxed twice…once as income and
again as a loan. 

NFIB Defeated Mandated Paid Leave In

This would have required companies with as few as 5 employees to provide
sick leave to all workers

Successfully Stopped Triple Dipping by
State Employees into Unemployment Funds

Retired state employees collecting a state pension were allowed to work
another job for a set period of time.  It became known that after leaving
that second job they were also collecting unemployment. 
NFIB worked to successfully bar this practice.

Ongoing Reductions in the Capitol Stock and
Franchise Tax

NFIB successfully fought to lower this tax to .67 mils.

NFIB Enacted a Start-Up Deduction
NFIB led the fight to enact this $5000 start up deduction for brand new

Defeated Annual Business Privilege Fee
Resulted in $1000 savings per business per year.

Unemployment Insurance claims relief
Saved businesses as much as $400 per employee

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