NFIB Pennsylvania Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 08, 2018


NFIB Killed the Death Tax

NFIB led the fight to repeal the death tax on family farms and business assets up to $5 million. Now small business owners will not be double taxed on their life savings and can leave it tax-free to their children or heirs to carry on the business.


Defeated Business Privilege Fee

Successfully fought the $1000 per year, per business, privilege fee that would have been levied on all businesses regardless of profitability.


Blocked new and Increased Taxes and Minimum Wage Increase

  • Blocked a personal income tax increase
  • Blocked an increase in the minimum wage
  • Stopped double taxation and protected business owners from being charged the privilege tax twice by separate municipalities for the same earnings.
  • Stopped a new 5.7% tax on natural gas which would inflate energy costs for businesses.


Stop Tax Increases

NFIB is fighting a 60% personal income tax increase to 4.95%, and a 17% increase in sales tax to 7%. This includes an expansion of the sales tax to most services.


Minimum Wage

Stop the minimum wage from rising to $15.00 per hour.


Fight Pa Court Rulings Which Will Lead to Increased Regulatory Costs and Litigation

  • This ruling stops employers from seeking impairment evaluations of injured workers collecting compensation.  This will cause an increase in  premiums by 15%, and increases in litigation and medical claims.
  • The court ruled that environmental rights are as important as individual rights (voting).  This ruling will lead to more costly litigation and regulations against land owners and industry.



Stop Over Aggressive Municipalities  

Stop local governments from enacting ordinances that should be governed at the state level.

  • Stop paid family leave.
  • Predictive scheduling which will force employers to pay time and one half if they change a schedule
  • Soda tax

Stop project labor agreements with local governments which require union labor on jobs.







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