NFIB Oklahoma Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018


Unemployment Reform

Fought to protect small businesses from unfair unemployment claims by seasonal or temporary workers.

Franchisee Protection
Pushed back on recent federal overreach by supporting legislation that clarifies the difference in state statute between franchisors and franchisees. This is in response to a highly controversial decision by the National Labor Relations Board that dramatically expanded the definition of joint employer 

Balanced Budget Amendment
Supported the Oklahoma legislature’s call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution for a federal balanced budget. Small business owners must stick to a budget, and the federal government should have to do the same.

Asset Forfeiture
Supported legislation that requires the state to pay attorney’s fees when a defendant ‑ including a small business ‑ prevails in a civil asset forfeiture case.


 Sales Tax on Services
Legislators have recently suggested a new tax on services and labor as a way to increase revenue to the state. It would fall squarely on the shoulders of small business to collect and remit this tax, and we will fight to oppose it. 

Ban the Box
Stop efforts that would bar employers for asking job applicants of they have a criminal history. Hiring decisions can be tough, so it is important that businesses have the right information to help them decide who to hire.  

Paid Leave
Forcing employers to offer paid leave would put small businesses in a bind. They can’t afford to pay both a worker who’s absent and that worker’s replacement.  

Stop Government “Bounty-Hunter” AuditorsStop government “bounty-hunter” auditors by prohibiting state agencies from hiring private companies to enter your business and audit your books. Business owners shouldn’t be subject to unannounced audits by private companies claiming to represent the government.








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