2013 NFIB Victories in New York

Date: January 08, 2014

Supported a Cap on Agricultural Assessments
NFIB urged the adoption of legislation to cap agricultural assessment increases at 2% annually. This provides considerable relief from ever increasing property tax assessments on farms.

Supported Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance Systems Reforms
NFIB supported reforms that will reduce employers’ costs, increase equity and combat fraud.

Supported Streamlining Agency Proceedings
NFIB successfully fought for a bill that allows small business owners to respond to some hearings and administrative proceedings on-line rather than in-person to minimize burdens.

Opposed the Soda Ban
NFIB filed an amicus brief in the lawsuit to overturn NYC’s ban on large sodas, and the state’s highest court agreed that the ban was an overreach of government.

Opposed the Styrofoam Ban
NFIB helped convince the NYC Council to adopt a recycling program rather than ban styrofoam containers, a measure that will save businesses money and protect thousands of manufacturing jobs.

Other NFIB Victories

Opposed the MTA Payroll Tax
NFIB fought successfully to exempt almost 80% of employers from this unfair regional tax.

Supported Enactment of a Property Tax Cap
NFIB was instrumental in getting a property tax cap enacted in New York.

Opposed a Devastating Farm Labor Bill
NFIB fought a bill that would have resulted in higher labor costs for farms, including overtime pay, workers compensation costs and unionization of farm workers.

Supported Pension Reform to Provide Tax Relief
NFIB successfully supported pension reform that will result in significant savings for taxpayers over time and will decrease the tax burden on business owners.

Stopped an Increase to Thruway Tolls
NFIB helped lead an effort to stop a 45% hike in its tracks, saving businesses and consumers billions of dollars.

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