NFIB Missouri Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018



NFIB Saved Your Business Time and Money By:


Amendment 4 passed in November ensuring that there will be no sales taxes on services and labor in Missouri. Makes it impossible for Legislators to raise those taxes.


Senate Bill 509 MIssouri Tax Reduction

In 2014, Missouri passed the first substantial change to it’s tax codes in 50 years. It said if the States revenue is healthy, citiizens and small businesses will see a tax cut. Indiviual rates go from 6% to 5.9%, Small business pass throughs will see taxes reduced by 5%


Senate Bill 182

Senate Bill 182 curtails sweetheart deals between Municipalities and Labor Unions which in the past often shut Small Businesses out of the bidding process on public  building contracts. NFIB argued for years that this was an unfair practice. The bill went into effect in May 2.


Minimum Wage

NFIB Missouri helped pass legislation that reversed the Missouri Supreme Court decision to allow Municipalities to set their own minimum wage levels. House Bill 1193 and Senate Bill 1194 clarifiied that Cities and Municipalities CANNOT set their own Minimum Wage.




We Are Fighting This Year to Save You Even More Time and Money By:

Premises Liability- NFIB is fighting to reduce the liability of business owners who have illegal activities take place on their propperty after hours without their knowledge.








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