3 Tools to Track Your Small Business Goals in the New Year

Date: January 11, 2018

Technology can provide your team with the motivation boost they need to stay on track this year.

The New Year is a great time to assess your business’s processes and set new goals for the coming year. These tools can help you set new goals and track your team’s progress.

Customer relationship management software

Most CRMs provide opportunities to track progress toward leads, sales, and follow-ups with clients and customers. They also allow multiple team members to update information about the same customer to stay on the same page. Salesforce, Zoho, Apptivo, and SugarCRM are all options that small business owners cite as top choices.

“These apps are all CRM platforms where one records all details about clients, services, and payments,” says Reuben Kats, an account manager at GrabResults LLC in North Hollywood, California. “This way everything goes through a network of people where everyone is following the tasks (or some people are) depending who is assigned each task and who the project managers are.”

By keeping team members on the same page, you can track progress toward sales goals and ensure that client needs are being met in a timely manner.

Project management and task management tools

Similar to CRMs, project and task management apps allow teams to collaborate on shared goals and complete projects cooperatively. Asana, Trello, and Zoho Projects are all highly recommended by small business owners. According to the Houston Chronicle, these tools can help small businesses stay on schedule and communicate more efficiently between staff members and with clients.

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Goal tracking apps

Goal tracking apps such as Streaks, Productive, and Momentum work like a smart to-do list. The ability to visualize, organize, prioritize, and set deadlines can provide your team with the extra motivation to accomplish the short-term and long-term goals they set.


While technology can make goal setting and tracking easier, it’s important to remember that tech is not a good substitute for old-fashioned vision and accountability.

“Sometimes we expect too much from apps and other tools,” says Taylor Jacobson, an executive coach and founder and CEO of Focusmate in New York City. “One of the most common pain points among my C-level coaching clients was goal setting. They’d always be looking for some new app or tool to relieve their pain. We’re better off funneling our angst into choosing the right system, and then holding our teams accountable to use it with most of the heavy lifting done by the accountability piece.”

For best results, incorporate tech with old-fashioned goal-setting strategies including setting measurable goals, meeting frequently as a team, and encouraging team members to hold each other accountable for maintaining progress.

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