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When It’s OK to Delegate

There are a few jobs you should feel free to hand over to subordinates, says Paul Foster, CPA, CEO and founder of The Business Therapist. Hand off the most repetitive ones first, he suggests.

The key is to “accept [that you] will need to give up a little bit of control to get some freedom in exchange.” Also, if you can accept that, at first, the staffer now completing the task will do it “80 percent as well as you can, it will ease the perfectionist impulse to say, ‘You didn’t do it perfectly. I’ll handle it myself.'”

Foster also suggests creating a system around delegated tasks. “If the business owner designs and then trains the new person on the system, it [becomes] a trainable, repeatable part of the business.” Not only will that free up some of the owner’s time, he assures, “but it usually increases efficiency and profitability” as well.

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