Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments On State Tax Reporting Requirements

Date: December 08, 2014
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Contact:  Eric Reller
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Court to Hear Oral Arguments On State Tax Reporting Requirements


WASHINGTON, D.C., December 8,
2014 — Karen Harned, Executive Director of NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center,
made the following statement in response to the Supreme
Court hearing oral arguments in DMA
v. Brohl,
in which NFIB has filed an
amicus brief.

“Small businesses already deal with multiple levels of reporting
requirements at the federal, state and local level. With most small employers lacking
in-house accounting departments – the burden of another layer of reporting would
further distract from an owner running their business. Colorado should not be
able to add yet another burden and reporting requirement for out-of-state small
businesses. We urge the Supreme Court to stand up for small business in this
case and allow constitutional challenges to state regulations.”

In this case, the Supreme Court will
decide the legality of a Colorado law requiring out-of-state merchants
to disclose confidential purchase history information about their Colorado
customers to the state’s revenue department. NFIB argues that subjecting
out-of-state businesses to additional reporting requirements is duplicative and
should be able to be challenged in federal court.



NFIB Small Business
Legal Center
 is a 501(c)(3)
organization created to protect the rights of America’s small business owners
by providing advisory material on legal issues and by ensuring that the voice
of small business is heard in the nation’s courts. The National Federation of
Independent Business is the nation’s leading small business association, with
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