NEW: NFIB Releases Latest “In Their Own Words” Video

Date: May 05, 2022

Massachusetts small business owner discusses biggest business challenges

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 5, 2022) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, today released the latest video in a series featuring small business owners explaining how Washington’s proposed tax increases would hurt their ability to operate, survive, and thrive.

The video series “In Their Own Words” features small businesses from around the country and is part of NFIB’s Small Business Survival campaign, a coordinated advocacy effort that highlights why tax increases would be harmful to America’s small businesses.

The latest video in the series features Massachusetts small business owner John Sullivan, owner of Dana Wallboard Supply Inc. He describes the impact that staffing shortages and supply chain disruptions have had on his business.

Sullivan explains: “As these costs start to rise…you have to decide where you’re going to cut. Are we going to cut healthcare benefits? Are we going to cut out our dental program? Are we going to take away contributions that we do with Habitat For Humanity or for New England Disabled Sport…I don’t know if people realize we’re the folks that sponsor all these local things: Little League, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts…when the high schools call to support the yearbook and their sports teams. It’s not Google. It’s not Apple. It’s us. We’re the folks. So, when you start taking gross profit away from us, we make some really tough decisions. Some decisions that devastate people’s lives. So, when you back everything out, you realize that you don’t make very much at the end of the day, and I think that’s the fallacy in the discussions that are had away from small businesses. Everyone looks at the tax return and says ‘look at how much money they made’ but what they never look at is what is the net net that you were able to earn on all of the stress, especially today, that we go through, all the risk that we now take on. Which, by the way, it’s never been riskier to be a small business than it is right now.”

Watch the new Small Business Survival: In Their Own Words video featuring John Sullivan here: 


The Small Business Survival campaign is a coordinated advocacy effort that includes targeted traditional and digital advertising, media initiatives, research, grassroots, lobbying, and other efforts that will highlight why tax increases would be harmful to small businesses while holding members of Congress accountable for their support of tax hikes and mandates.

More information about the campaign can be found here: and here:

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