5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Small Business

Date: May 09, 2017

Bring your office into the next decade—without breaking the bank.

You don’t need levitating office products and robots to bring your office into the future. Simple tech upgrades can help you attract and retain employees—and get business done faster.

1. Smart thermostat

The Nest ($249) learns about your team’s preferences over time and automatically adjusts according to factors like time of day. That can mean less bickering—and lower energy bills.

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2. Outlets galore

People feel panic when batteries on electronic devices drop below 20 percent, according to an LG consumer survey. Plentiful outlets throughout the office make charging smartphones and laptops a snap.

3. Mood lighting

The right lighting can boost mood and productivity. Smart lightbulbs, like Hue by Philips ($14.99+ per bulb) and Lifx ($19.99+ per bulb), allow employees to adjust brightness with an app or voice control.

4. 3-D printer

These next-gen printers can spit out prototypes and customized products in no time—without having to pay for a pricey off-site print job. A pint-sized 3-D printer costs just $200.

5. Video conferencing

Put TV screens in your conference rooms to get more face time with customers, employees, and job candidates. Try free services like Google Hangouts and Skype to chat with one or more users at a time.

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Ditch This

It’s time to upgrade these office staples: 

Desktop computers: Laptops give you maximum efficiency.

Filing cabinets: Cloud-based storage online is cheap, secure, and ubiquitous.

Fax machines: Send a PDF via email, or use online services like eFax and FaxBetter.

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