Ohio Department of Taxation New W-2 Upload Feature

Date: November 15, 2019

Coming Soon!

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) is pleased to announce that a new W-2 Upload feature will be coming soon to Ohio Business Gateway (OBG).

This feature will allow payroll providers and employers to submit W-2 files to the Ohio Department of Taxation through the OBG. Additionally, those who submit W-2s through OBG will not be required to submit a separate Ohio IT 3.

In the following weeks, new information will be posted in the Employer Withholding Tax section of our website. There will be a tutorial available that will contain a step by step guide on how to complete a W-2 Upload transaction through the W-2 Upload feature on OBG. Please see the FAQs below for additional information.

Specifications regarding W-2s can be found here.



Q:  We are a payroll service provider with numerous clients in Ohio.  Is the submission of W-2 files required to be transmitted separately for each client or is there a bulk upload option?

A:  There is no need to produce individual W-2 files for each of your clients. The OBG W-2 Upload feature will accept files containing multiple clients’ W-2 information within the same file.  Note: Files must NOT exceed 50 MB.


Q:  In previous years, ODT only required employers/payroll service providers who issued 250 or more W-2s to submit their W-2 files. With the introduction of the new W-2 Upload feature on OBG, has this requirement changed for the tax year 2019 (submitted in January 2020)?

A:  For the tax year 2019 the requirement for employers with less than 250 employees will not change; however, we strongly encourage all employers/payroll service providers to familiarize themselves with using the new OBG W-2 Upload feature to submit their W-2 information to ODT.

Tax records, including W-2 information, are required to be maintained for a period of at least four (4) years from the due date. If the information is not submitted to us, ODT may request W-2 information when conducting compliance programs.


Q:  Can we submit 1099-Rs through the new W-2 Upload feature on OBG?

A:  No. At this time, 1099-R information will only be accepted via CD. 1099-R specifications can be viewed by clicking here

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