Sen. Portman Visits members in Zanesville

Date: February 26, 2018

Talking how federal tax reform has benefited small business

US Senator Rob Portman visited with NFIB members in Zanesville, Ohio on Friday, February 23 to talk about how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which was passed and signed in to law in December, is positively impacting small business members in that community. He was hosted by GKM Auto Parts (NAPA), which is owned by Kelly Moore, a member of the NFIB/Ohio Leadership Council. It was the second such visit Senator Portman has made with members of NFIB in Ohio.

Kelly Moore with Senator Portman as they address members in attendance.

Kelly’s company faced huge health care premium increases after the passage of Obamacare. The company was no longer able to able to afford to provide health insurance. It was a decision that really upset Kelly, as she views her employees as part of the extended family. She even spoke with PBS about it in a video segment in 2017. It can be viewed here: 

“Under the Affordable Care Act, our company has faced double-digit increases in health care costs year after year, causing us to drop coverage in 2016,” said Kelly Moore, owner of GKM Auto Parts.  “Because of the cost savings from tax reform, we are reinstating this important benefit for our employees and we want to thank Senator Portman for his work to help make this possible.  We take great pride in our employees and we are excited about how this will help them and how tax reform will help our company and our community.”

Senator Portman played a key roll in the passage of the final bill.  NFIB/Ohio has heard from members across the state on how tax reform is allowing them to offer raises to employees, pay out bonuses, and reinvest in their businesses. It has had a dramatic, positive impact.

Carol Friel of Primary Aim LLC in Zanesville speaks with Senator Portman at the event.

“The fact that GKM Auto Parts is reinstating health care benefits for its workers is great news, and I’m excited that we continue to see real, tangible benefits from tax reform,” said Senator Portman.  “This is exactly what Congress intended to accomplish while developing tax reform.  More than 400 businesses across the country have announced increased investments in plants and equipment, pay increases, bonuses, additional retirement help or new benefits—specifically because of this tax bill.  Workers around the country are seeing these benefits in addition to more money in their paychecks, and I expect it to continue.”

You can hear from Senator Portman in this video shot while touring Kelly’s business on the important role NFIB played in tax reform. We truly appreciate his support in seeing the bill across the finish line. During his time in Congress, Sen. Portman has a lifetime 100% voting record with NFIB.


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