Ohio Sales Tax Rate Finder Mobile App Announced

Date: December 23, 2014

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) is pleased to announce the launch of
the Ohio Sales Tax Rate Finder mobile app, a resource offered for free to
business people, shoppers or anyone who wants to know the correct sales tax
rate wherever they happen to be in the state. 

Each of Ohio’s 88 counties has its own sales tax rate ranging from
6.5-to-8.0%* of the taxable price of the product or service being purchased.
The Sales Tax Rate Finder uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to
accurately identify the location where the purchase occurs and the appropriate
tax rate at that location. 

Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa says the mobile app is
designed to be a convenient resource for shoppers, shippers, and service
providers doing business in multiple locations around Ohio, “Our goal is always
to make it as easy as possible to navigate Ohio’s tax system. All of the
different sales tax rates can be hard to keep track of, but this app will
simplify that process and provide accurate and up to date information.”

Testa says the app will not only give you the sales tax rate, it will
calculate the total amount due (price + tax), let you save the tax information
for later reference or send the information by text or email. 

The user needs only to push the ‘Current Location’ button on
the app, or provide an address or zip code where the purchase is occurring, and
the amount of the transaction. The app will do the rest.

This is the second module ODT has developed for its mobile
app. Earlier this year, the department rolled out a module that allows you to
check on the status of your Ohio income tax refund.

Both apps are available to download at no charge at the Google Play or
ITunes App Store. You can access either via the ODT web site at tax.ohio.gov


(*Includes the state sales tax rate of 5.75%.)

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