2014 Another Year Of Impact By NFIB/Ohio

Date: December 31, 2014

business is important to Ohio, as it is home to nearly one million small
businesses that account for approximately $51.7 billion to our state’s
economy. More than 98 percent of all employers in Ohio are small firms,
employing nearly 49 percent of all private-sector jobs.

The Ohio chapter of the National
Federation of Independent Business has the largest membership of all 50 states.
Our typical member has fewer than 25 employees and less than $1 million in
gross annual sales. 

Our public policy positions continue to be derived directly from our members,
via frequent member ballots and surveys. We only take a stand on
issues that you think are important. Your membership with NFIB was
important in 2014. We hope you feel you received a good return on your
investment of dues dollars with us. 

A number of key events occurred during the past year, among them were:

1.   Legislative
Secured passage of House Bill 5, municipal income tax reform, making Ohio’s
unique convoluted system simpler and less cumbersome for businesses with mobile
work forces. Additionally, we tracked over 100 bills on your behalf. Other NFIB
supported legislation enacted includes: returning tax over-payments to business
owners, changing to the dependent age coverage and  full-time status for
fully insured health insurance plans and halting  8 health insurance
mandates that would have negatively impacted rates for small-business owners.

  Ohio Gubernatorial Endorsement
 – NFIB/Ohio SAFE Trust led most  business
organizations in an early endorsement of Governor Kasich’s re-election
bid, hosting 5 separate events on July 8th, with tremendous media coverage,
serving as the re-election campaign kick-off.

  Election Night Success
 – Led by members, the NFIB/Ohio SAFE Trust endorsed
80 candidates in the general election, including 4 Ohio statewide races:
Governor John Kasich/Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, Ohio Attorney General Mike
DeWine and Ohio Supreme Court Justices Sharon Kennedy and Judi French; and an
additional 76 candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate with
an overall 95% success rate. The NFIB National SAFE Trust endorsed 12 members
of the United States House of Representatives for reelection in Ohio, winning
all of them.

4.   These election successes
will lead to 32
dues paying members  of NFIB serving in the next Ohio General Assembly
these are all fellow small-business owners.

5.   NFIB/Ohio remains one of
the largest groups offering discounts
of  up to 53% on Ohio workers’ compensation premiums.
With changes in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation cycle, we filed two
groups in 2014 of approximately 8,000 members each, saving employers millions.

6.   Hosted over 100 events held
for NFIB members, with nearly 3,000 participating
, around the
state that included how-to seminars, safety seminars, webinars and
opportunities for members to meet with elected officials from the Ohio
Statehouse, statewide office holders and members of Congress.

  Held our largest round of Area Action Council meetings
 in 20 locations across Ohio with
healthcare experts from our Washington, DC office explaining the requirements
of small businesses under Obamacare.

8.   NFIB/Ohio co-hosted an event with
bringing two national economists to Columbus to
discuss trends that will impact small-business owners in Ohio in the upcoming

9.   Partnered with the NFIB
Small Business Legal Center
 to file an amicus brief
in Westerville v Taylor.
The case raised fundamental questions as to how commercial property owners
should be compensated for “visibility property taking” cases for
public projects. The business owner ultimately prevailed and was fairly

  Proudly continued to serve over 25,000 small-business owner
members in Ohio
 helping them to own, operate and grow
their businesses.

From NFIB/Ohio – We Wish You A Happy & Prosperous
New Year!

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