Attorney General Mike DeWine's 2018 CyberOhio Business Summit

Date: February 27, 2018

Small Business Invited To Attend

In today’s ever-changing technological world, small business owners need all of the help they can get.  According to Keeper Security’s 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report, cybercriminals have breached nearly half of all small businesses in the United States over the past 12 months.  However, a recent survey by Manta Media showed that 87% of small business owners felt that they were not at risk for a breach.  At the same time, less than 20% of small businesses used industry-recognized protections such as anti-virus products or data encryption.

A large number of small business owners don’t employ an IT person and instead, try to keep up themselves with regular cybersecurity practices such as updating their computer systems.   With the scarce resources available to small business owners, it is certainly understandable that spending money on IT staff is a lower priority when compared to day-to-day issues such as making payroll or finding new customers.

Cybercriminals are relentless and create new attacks every day. So what can small businesses do to protect themselves? Many of the actions that help protect your business from cybercriminals are free and come down to what is called basic “cyber-hygiene practices” such as locking your computer when you leave your desk, creating strong passwords, and backing up your data.

In order to help small businesses owners learn more about cost-effective cybersecurity practices, Attorney General Mike DeWine created the CyberOhio Initiative in 2016.  CyberOhio is a collection of cybersecurity initiatives aimed at helping Ohio’s businesses better protect themselves from cyberattacks.  One of the ways in which CyberOhio helps Ohio businesses is through its annual CyberOhio Business Summit, which will be held at the Cleveland Marshall School of Law on March 23, 2018. 

The FREE all-day educational event includes catered lunch and is geared towards those small business owners or employees who do not have a cybersecurity background.  This event is broken down into a morning and afternoon sessions that will consist of keynote speakers and several breakout sessions that will cover a range of cybersecurity topics ranging from safe cyber-hygiene practices to insider threats by employees.  To register for the CyberOhio Business Summit, please find the invitation and registration instructions below! 

To Register for the CyberOhio Business Summit:

  1. Please click on CyberOhio Business Summit Invitation and you will be linked to the Eventbrite registration page. 
  2. Once at the registration page, click on the green “Tickets” button. 
  3. Select “Day 2 CyberOhio Business Summit ONLY (no CLE).”  
  4. Click the green “Checkout” button. 
  5. Complete the required fields and then click the green “Complete Registration” button.  

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