Small Business Reacts to EPA Power Plant Rule

Date: August 03, 2015

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Small Business Reacts to EPA Power Plant Rule

DES MOINES (August 3,
– The EPA’s new power plant
rule will drive up costs for small business owners and drain their customers of
discretionary income, said the National Federation of Independent Business
(NFIB) today.


“That’s a deadly combination
for the small business sector,” said NFIB Iowa State Director, Kristin
.  “Operating expenses will increase as the cost of electricity
rises and customers will have less money to spend on Main Street.  It’s a
recipe for fewer jobs and slower growth.”


The EPA today finalized its
so-called Clean Power Plan, which imposes on states harsh carbon limits for
electricity production that will force them to close down the coal-powered
generators that now provide the vast bulk of America’s power.  It requires
the states to increase the percentage of power they generate from alternative
sources, like wind and solar, which are far weaker and more expensive. 
Even the EPA estimates that the cost of electricity will increase substantially.


“Energy is necessary to
provide every service and manufacture every product.  Iowa lacks the
infrastructure to create alternative forms of energy and will be
disproportionally impacted by higher electricity prices.” Continued Failor,
“These costs will have to be passed on to consumers, leaving us all with higher
prices across the board.”


In addition to higher prices
the EPA rule could undermine the reliability of America’s electricity


“We’ll be more heavily
reliant on forms of energy that aren’t reliable,” said Failor.  “The sun
doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow.  To the extent that
we’re dependent on those forms of energy, we’re creating our own supply


“Small businesses need
affordable, dependable electricity to serve their customers and this regulation
undermines both,” she continued.


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