Do you know your WIFI?

Date: March 30, 2020

Stay Safer while working from home...

By The Network Team of XLN SYSTEMS, a member of NFIB since 2002.

During the next few weeks as a huge number of us are working at home, we should know if our home networks can handle the capacity and the security we are accustomed to from our business offices.

To start, ask yourself if you are getting the true internet speeds that you are paying for. It is very common for households to find out that they are getting slower speeds than what they are initially paying for. How is this possible?  There are several technical reasons however, simply put, with more people working from home there is going to be more internet traffic. This fact alone is a big factor in how fast your speed will be during certain times of the day.  Finally, if you are getting 80% speed or higher this is considered ‘adequate/normal’.

To check your actual speed, go to – You can set the destination server to the server in Yellow Springs called ‘MVECA’.  This test will display YOUR current down & up internet speed.

Next, what do you know about your network router at home? Is it old? Has it been updated with security patches? Do you have multiple WIFI networks? For safety reasons, it is good practice to make sure that you have multiple WIFI networks set up in your home. One WIFI network for your business work and a separate WIFI network for the personal use of the family. Having separate and distinct WIFI networks can make things safer as you do not want a family member’s cybersecurity mistake to cause damage to your business or your employer’s business.

These are just two steps to perform either by yourself or a trusted resource. If you want to learn more about how to keep yourself safe or have any questions regarding the topics above, feel free to visit our website at and click on “News & Articles”.

Allen Perk (center) owner of XLN Systems in Columbus, Ohio joins NFIB’s Leadership Council for Ohio in January of 2020.

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