Date: June 15, 2015

More than 60 years ago HJG Trucking was started by and later incorporated by Sharon Fentress’s dad. In 1976, Fentress took over the family business and continued in her father’s footsteps as a NFIB/Texas member and over the years even during the hard times. Throughout the history of HJG Trucking a number of family members have contributed to the company including her husband, two children and three grandchildren. Even her brother who went on to become an airline captain worked at one point for the family-owned business, and it allowed him to get the training he needed to gain his license. From working in the pits and on the trucks, to delivering and helping with the books, the family does it all and other employees who aren’t relatives are still a part of the HJG Trucking family. Most of her employees have been with her for at least 15 years.

In regards to her nearly 40 years of membership with NFIB/Texas she stated, “NFIB has always watched the controlling bodies of state and national, looking out for small business owners and our interests. When you’re running a business this size you don’t have the time to keep up with government regulations, increasing oversight and fines, and if you overlook anything by accident, it can cost you dearly.”

If you try looking up HJG Trucking online, you will probably not find more than an address and phone number, the reason for it is they are primarily a wholesaler and material supplier for contract work on big projects including rural housing, development, and roads. They used to be a major supplier to asphalt companies, but these days Fentress is working with the City of North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, and other area municipalities. They have two dirt pits and provide topsoil and builder’s supplies along with hauling and selling to the public. Even though they have large loaders she always tries to work with and help out the smaller businesses and operations.  

At 75 years old, Fentress still gets to work everyday at 6:30 a.m. She stated that she wasn’t ready to let go of the work yet for retirement. One of her favorite aspects of working for herself is that it has allowed her to use her own ideas and as an independent thinker with independent thinking children business ownership has been a good fit for the whole family. 

When asked about what makes owning your own business so great, Fentress replied “This is not the kind of work that is going to make you a filthy rich millionaire, but it’s honest work. These past few years have been the hardest ever, but the Lord works in mysterious ways, I am very fortunate, and have had a blessed life.”

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