Rep. Perry Takes Small Business Challenge at Klock Entertainment

Date: May 28, 2019

The Harrisburg firm specializes in creating super events.

On Friday, May 24th, Congressman Scott Perry met with NFIB members at Klock Entertainment in Harrisburg and took the Small Business Challenge. The NFIB Small Business Challenge is a national campaign that invites lawmakers to spend a day “on the job” at a small business in their community and allows them to experience firsthand the challenges small-business owners face, including day-to-day management, compliance, and tax issues. Congressman Perry began the Small Business Challenge by meeting with several NFIB members. As a former small business owner, Perry expressed his belief that the government is not a partner in your business because business owners do not need a partner. Perry believes that the less that government does, the better it is for business owners. In a roundtable discussion, NFIB members spoke of the biggest challenges they currently face. For many of the owners at the meeting, the main challenges were too many regulations, providing affordable healthcare for their employees, minimum wage, and finding qualified workers.

After meeting with NFIB members, Congressman Perry embarked on his Small Business Challenge. Klock Entertainment provides DJ talent, production, lighting design, rentals, and event services. Jason Klock, CEO, and Founder gave us a tour of his warehouse, where all the equipment (ranging from tables and chairs to lighting and video equipment) is stored. Congressman Perry was then challenged to see what it takes to provide quality entertainment for weddings and parties. Congressman Perry was given a tablet that allowed him to set off sparklers that illuminated the room and created a festive atmosphere. Congressman Perry joked that he needed that every time he entered a room.

Additionally, Congressman Perry learned how to use a modern-day photo booth. Klock explained that the photo booth is hugely popular for parties and corporate events, and it has been given a technological makeover.  It is no longer a booth but a computer on a tripod that can send pictures to your phone or print them out instantly.  Congressman Perry had a lot of fun working the photo booth. Before becoming a member of Congress, Perry was the owner of Hydrotech Mechanical Services, which provided contract construction and maintenance services to municipal and investor-owned utilities. Spending the day providing entertainment was a much different experience for him.

The Small Business Challenge with Congressman Perry was a festive way to begin the Memorial Day holiday. NFIB members appreciated Perry’s continued support for a pro-business environment and enjoyed seeing him setting off digitally controlled sparklers!


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