NFIB Joins Coalition to Stop Minimum Wage Hike

Date: February 04, 2016

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NFIB is leveraging its lobbying and member-activism resources to stop an increase in the state’s minimum-wage rate by joining a coalition of business associations with the same goal.
“The bigger we are, the more effective we can be,” said NFIB/Oregon State Director Anthony K. Smith. “This coalition of business groups is unified in standing up for Oregon small businesses. The current proposal being considered by the legislature would come with too heavy of a cost for our economy. We’re reaching out to business owners and community members in key parts of the state, encouraging them to contact their legislators and urge them to oppose this harmful wage hike.”
Adds Jason Brandt, president and CEO of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association, “Oregon stands to lose 62,700 jobs if this massive wage hike is passed. These lawmakers represent communities in our state that are still struggling to recover jobs lost during the recession. We want to be sure their constituents understand what’s at stake and that they share their concerns with lawmakers who were elected to be their voice in Salem.”
The coalition’s website is called Defend Oregon Jobs. Click here to learn more. In addition to NFIB, current members of the coalition are:
  • Associated Oregon Industries
  • Oregon Farm Bureau
  • Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • Oregon State Chamber of Commerce
  • Northwest Food Processors Association
From The Oregonian
“At $9.25 per hour, Oregon’s minimum is already one of the nation’s highest – and it’s adjusted annually to account for rising consumer costs. This state may have some problems, but the minimum wage isn’t driving them…But the change will have consequences, including higher labor costs for many employers, who will look for ways to mitigate them. They could do this by hiring fewer people, automating work where possible. They also could offset higher hourly wages by reducing other benefits or by raising prices. It’s fanciful to assume they’ll respond to what is, in effect, a hefty new tax on labor by shrugging their shoulders and saying, ‘oh, well.’ “

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This state may have some problems, but the minimum wage isn’t driving them.

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