NFIB-Endorsed State Candidates for November 2014

Date: August 28, 2014

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The following candidates for governor and state legislature have been endorsed by Save America‚Äôs Free Enterprise Trust, the political action committee of NFIB.
Governor: Dennis Richardson 
State Senate 
District 3, David Dotterrer 
District 8, Betsy Close 
District 10, Jackie Winters 
District 11, Patti Milne 
District 13, Kim Thatcher* 
District 15, Bruce Starr 
District 20, Alan Olsen* 
District 26, Chuck Thomsen* 
State House 
District 1, Wayne Krieger 
District 2, Dallas Heard* 
District 3, Carl Wilson 
District 4, Duane Stark 
District 6, Sal Esquivel 
District 7, Cedric Hayden 
District 15, Andy Olson 
District 16, Jacob Vandever 
District 17, Sherrie Sprenger 
District 18, Vic Gilliam 
District 19, Jodi Hack 
District 20, Kathy Goss* 
District 22, Matthew Geiger 
District 23, Michael Nearman 
District 24, Jim Weidner 
District 25, Bill Post 
District 26, John Davis 
District 29, Mark Richman

District 30, Dan Mason 
District 37, Julie Parrish 
District 39, Bill Kennemer 
District 40, Steve Newgard 
District 51, Jodi Bailey 
District 52, Mark Johnson 
District 53, Gene Whisnant* 
District 54, Knute Buehler 
District 55, Mike McLane 
District 56, Gail Whitsett 
District 57, Greg Smith 
District 58, Greg Barreto* 
District 59, John Huffman* 
District 60, Cliff Bentz 
* Indicates NFIB member

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