Reps. Banz, McDaniel Earn Guardian of Small Business Awards

Date: June 15, 2016

The Oklahoma office of National Federation of Independent Business, the state’s leading small-business association, has presented its coveted Guardian of Small Business Award to state Reps. Gary Banz and Randy McDaniel.
The Guardian of Small Business award is the most prestigious honor that NFIB bestows on legislators in recognition of their efforts to support small business issues. The NFIB Oklahoma Leadership Council, an advisory board comprised of NFIB members, voted to present the award to the legislators for supporting small-business issues in the Legislature.
Jerrod Shouse, state director of NFIB, said Representatives Banz and McDaniel earned this year’s award for being tireless advocates for small business in the Legislature.
“Gary Banz led the two-year effort to support a convention of the states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to draft a federal balanced-budget amendment,” Shouse said. “We can’t afford for Congress to keep spending us deeper and deeper into debt,” he said. “Congress needs to follow the lead of small business and learn to live within its means.”
Shouse said Randy McDaniel received the award for sponsoring HB 3164, the seasonal employer/unemployment reform bill, and for championing SB 1496, the franchisee protection bill.
“HB 3164 allows a business that only operates for six months a year or less to seek designation as a seasonal employer, which will affect the amount they pay toward unemployment insurance,” Shouse said. “SB 1496 clarifies the relationship between a corporation and a franchisee following a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board expanding the definition of a joint employer to include indirect control over another business’ employees and employment decisions.”
“Oklahomans are fortunate to have these leaders representing them in the state Legislature,” Shouse said. “On behalf of all small businesses in Oklahoma, NFIB wants to thank Gary Banz and Randy McDaniel for their hard work and dedication to our state’s entrepreneurs.”
NFIB is Oklahoma’s leading small-business association. Learn more at or follow NFIB on Twitter at @NFIB_OK.

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