NFIB Needs Roundhouse Rangers. Interested?

Date: August 01, 2017

Small-business owners: The most effective lobbyists of all

There are hundreds of interest groups competing for the attention of legislators but only one is guaranteed to command their undivided attention and receive the red-carpet treatment into their offices—Small-business owners.

That is because every single lawmaker knows small business as the central pillar holding up every community in New Mexico, and they would prefer not to get crosswise with any of them.

As the voice of small business, NFIB is one of the most successful advocacy associations in Santa Fe, but there is someone more persuasive than its lobbyist—You.

When a small-business owner testifies on legislation there’s not a lawmaker who isn’t listening. This is why NFIB would like to develop a team of Roundhouse Rangers who can be called upon to help explain, clarify, or illuminate a particularly complicated piece of legislation.

Would you like to be a Roundhouse Ranger? We could sure use you. Send an email to NFIB/New Mexico State Director Minda McGonagle if you’re interested.

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