Mandated Paid Leave Put on Hold Again by the Senate

Date: May 05, 2016 Last Edit: May 10, 2016

Mandated paid sick leave legislation, S799 was approved on March 7 by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. This bill was expected to be voted on by the Senate on Monday, May 9, but the bill was held by the Senate President, Stephen Sweeney. This is the second time this year the New Jersey Senate has stalled their vote on the bill.

Thank you to everyone who contacted their Senator, we encourage you to continue to remind your Senator the negative impact this legislation would have on your business and your employees, CLICK HERE.

Business groups are opposing the measure—including NFIB and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association — we’re letting legislators know how the law would impact employers, particularly small businesses. The mandate would increase costs and potentially open up business owners to unnecessary lawsuits. It would also increase the administrative burden on small businesses, who would have to spend more time tracking hours and earned leave for their staff.

S799 would institute paid leave statewide and would:

  • Mandate that workers accumulate an hour of time off for every 30 hours worked
  • Require Companies with 10 or fewer workers to allow workers to earn at least 40 hours of leave
  • Require companies with more than 10 workers to offer at least 72 hours of leave
  • Consider employers to be in compliance with the bill if they already offer paid time off for any of the purposes permitted in the bill and they offer time off to be accrued at the rate equal to or greater than the rate required by the bill

So far, a similar bill has not advanced in the Assembly. Stay tuned for action alerts on this issue.

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