NFIB NH PAC Endorses Candidates for State Representative

Date: October 20, 2020

“We support the candidates who support small business”

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), announced today, that it has publicly endorsed 116 State Representative candidates for re-election. 

Representing NH’s NFIB Leadership Council, member Ray Pinard said the “endorsements of these 116 State Representative candidates was based on voting records and facts demonstrating these candidates understand small business issues and they have the backs of small business owners in the state of New Hampshire.” 

Pinard continued, “2020 has not been an easy year for anyone but small business has been particularly hit hard and if not for the votes and views of these candidates, believe it or not, 2020 would have been much worse than it has been.”

“Increased costs and higher taxes are debated every year in Concord,” said Pinard, “and not everyone understands the crippling impact these additional financial burdens would have on a small business.  But these candidates do understand it because they have made the tough votes, walked in small business owners’ shoes, and/or have been small business leaders in their own communities.”

“From Coos to the Sea,” Pinard said, “mandates like a $15 minimum wage and a one-size fits all but costly, mandatory leave policy would have crushed small business owners throughout the State of NH, especially during the current pandemic.  Fortunately, these candidates have held firm against these exorbitant and costly programs that would kill jobs and close businesses.”

“With business cost drivers debated in Concord every year and Main Streets across the State not knowing what tax or mandate is coming next, NFIB-NH and its 1400 members across the Granite State can count on these Representatives to keep a lid on spending, taxes and regulations,” said Pinard. 

“And most importantly,” Pinard stated, “these leaders know how devastated our economy would be today if a state income or sales tax was enacted into law.   These candidates will not allow a final blow like a broad-based tax to pass.”

Pinard concluded, “Growing our state’s economy and creating opportunities for good paying jobs will continue to be NFIB’s top priority in NH.  Seeking tax relief and reducing regulations will empower our small businesses to grow and create jobs for Granite Staters.”

The NFIB’s endorsement process is based on voting records, candidate surveys and membership input that all focuses on issues that are critical to operating a business in NH.  Please see the list below.

House of Representatives Endorsed by NFIB:

  1. Abbas, Daryl
  2. Abrami, Patrick
  3. Abramson, Max
  4. Acton, Dennis
  5. Aldrich, Glen
  6. Alexander, Joe
  7. Allard, James
  8. Aron, Judy
  9. Avellani, Lino
  10. Baldasaro, Al
  11. Bean, Harry
  12. Bershtein, Alan
  13. Boehm, Ralph
  14. Burt, John
  15. Callum, John
  16. Chirichiello, Brian
  17. Comtois, Barbara
  18. Cordelli, Glenn
  19. Craig, Kevin
  20. Crawford, Karel
  21. Danielson, David
  22. DeSimone, Debra
  23. Dolan, Tom
  24. Doucette, Fred
  25. Edwards, Jess
  26. Elliott, Robert
  27. Erf, Keith
  28. Fedolfi, Jim
  29. Forsythe, Robert
  30. Gagne, Larry
  31. Gay, Betty
  32. Gordon, Edward
  33. Gould, Linda
  34. Graham, John
  35. Green, Dennis
  36. Greene, Bob
  37. Griffin, Barbara
  38. Griffin, Mary
  39. Gunski, Michael
  40. Guthrie, Joseph
  41. Harb, Robert
  42. Harrington, Michael
  43. Hayward, Peter
  44. Hill, Gregory
  45. Hinch, Richard
  46. Hobson, Deborah
  47. Hopper, Gary
  48. Horgan, James
  49. Howard, Raymond
  50. Hunt, John
  51. Janigian, John
  52. Katsakiores, Phyllis
  53. Khan, Aboul
  54. Kittredge, Mac
  55. Klose, John
  56. Ladd, Rick
  57. Lang, Timothy
  58. Lascelles, Richard
  59. Lekas, Alicia
  60. Lekas, Tony
  61. Love, David
  62. MacDonald, John
  63. Mackie, Jonathan
  64. Major, Norman
  65. Marsh, William
  66. McGuire, Carol
  67. McKinney, Betsy
  68. McLean, Mark
  69. McMahon, Charles
  70. Melvin, Charles
  71. Merner, Troy
  72. Milz, David
  73. Nelson, Bill
  74. Notter, Jeanine
  75. Nunez, Hershel
  76. Ober, Lynne
  77. Ober, Russell
  78. Osborne, Jason
  79. Packard, Sherman
  80. Pearl, Howard
  81. Pearson, Mark
  82. Pearson, Stephen
  83. Piemonte, Tony
  84. Pitre, Joseph
  85. Plett, Fred
  86. Potucek, John
  87. Pratt, Kevin
  88. Prout, Andrew
  89. Prudhomme-O’Brien, Katherine
  90. Renzullo, Andrew
  91. Rice, Kimberly
  92. Rollins, Skip
  93. Roy, Terry
  94. Seaworth, Brian
  95. Smith, Steven
  96. Somero, Paul
  97. Spanos, Peter
  98. Spillane, James
  99. Stapleton, Walter
  100. Sylvia, Michael
  101. Sytek, John
  102. Testerman, Dave
  103. Thomas, Douglas
  104. Torosian, Peter
  105. True, Chris
  106. Ulery, Jordan
  107. Verville, Kevin
  108. Wallace, Scott
  109. Walsh, Thomas
  110. Warden, Mark
  111. Welch, David
  112. Weyler, Kenneth
  113. Wolf, Dan
  114. Wuelper, Kurt
  115. Yakubovich, Michael
  116. Yokela, Josh


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