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Date: June 05, 2014

You are more politically powerful than you might know, and now is a good time to start using the high regard small-business owners are held in by the voters and the No. 1 tool you have in influencing elections.
Small-business owners are too busy running their enterprises to run for office, and operating on the narrowest of profit margins, they will never be able to match the big money that big business, big labor and big government-employee unions give to their candidates.
But they have a strong counterbalance:
  • According to a Pew Research Center study on the negative and positive views people hold on various American institutions, small business came out first, 39 percentage points higher than labor unions, 46 points higher than large corporations, and 49 points higher than banks and financial institutions.
  • Small-business owners comprise 15 percent of all registered voters in the U.S. By comparison, union voters make up 11.9 percent. When small-business employees are added, the small-business voting bloc swells to 43 percent.
  • Voters prefer candidates supported by small business by a margin of 3 to 1 over those supported by organized labor, according to the Winston Group
  • The most common public affairs and political activities in which small employers engage, according to the NFIB Research Foundation, include initiating discussions with employees regarding the impact of a policy issue on the firm.
Arming yourself with the facts and educating the electorate are the two most important weapons against the forces of big money. This web page will be updated periodically up to the Nov. 4 General Election to provide NFIB members with some of the arguments and rhetoric against Question 3, the Education Initiative/Margin Tax.
A good place to start is right here by listening to a half-hour online radio show interview NFIB/Nevada State Director Randi Thompson and NFIB/Nevada Member Representative Julie Burke did for hosts Robert Morgan and Gil Stonebarger for BCN Talk on May 29. Smith and Thompson also answer questions on other issues and on the value of membership in NFIB.
Additional information can be found in the following links. Check this website for the latest information on small business’ campaign to defeat Ballot Question 3.
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Deceptively titled the “Education Initiative,” Ballot Question No. 3 this November will create a new, 2 percent Margin Tax on gross revenues, supposedly to raise money for schools—although the Legislature will determine how the funds would be spent. 

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