Date: July 19, 2016

It is summer time and  road trips are on the menu. Unfortunately accidents do happen and if they do…who ya gonna call? 

Meet Larry Cernosek, founder and owner of Cernosek Wrecker Service since 1975. He started his own business after he had an accident at a chemical plant in 1973, and went into an auto parts business in Houston for help and business. The owner said if Larry could get a tow truck he could haul all the cars he wanted. If you remember, Evil Knievel, the motorcyclist who jumped over vehicles in Houston, Larry hauled those vehicles and the ones used for the Destruction Derby that was held in the Astrodome and the rest is history. Now 41years later Larry still loves going to work every day. He has six employees and enjoys all the people he meets. In fact, his business slogan is – “I meet the nicest customers by accident.” 
Larry joined NFIB in 1985. A sales representative from NFIB visited his business and told him about the importance of being involved with the Legislature. Larry at the time was already getting his feet wet in governmental affairs because his business industry was heavily regulated. Larry felt that a business organization like NFIB had power in numbers and by being involved he could help make things happen and affect change. Larry has been very involved in NFIB since joining 31 years ago. In fact, Larry and his wife Sylvia just recently returned from an NFIB event in Washington D.C. where they met with their elected officials at our Nation’s Capital to talk about critical small business issues facing them today. Larry’s wish is that state and federal legislators do what they are elected and sworn to do, which is represent the people. He is all for less government and regulations so small business owners can run their businesses and create more jobs.

Larry has had obstacles that he had to overcome in his many years in business, but he says dealing with these pitfalls has helped him learn to play the game. With the help of his state senator and representative, he was successful in getting legislation passed to protect other small businesses like his from insurance companies and lien holders. Larry’s advice to other business owners is to get to know your elected officials from the school board, city, county, state and federal level. It’s not all about what you know, but also who you know.
After 41 years in business, Larry has learned you have to work hard and be involved in associations like NFIB to get things done and make business work for you. Customers want to see a business owner who is involved, and Larry has been, with different organizations such as: The Rose, Sarah’s House, The Rotary Club and the Wheelhouse, to name a few. He is also a member of the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame. Also, Larry was named Citizen of the Year and Laymen of the Year by the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce. He likes being able to help people at a moment’s notice. Larry says without the support of his wife, Sylvia, and their children he could not do all the things he does and plans for. Larry says he will go to the grave fighting for small business.
Larry, thank you for your loyalty and dedication to NFIB! We appreciate you!

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