HIP Link: a new premium assistance program to help working Hoosiers afford health coverage

Date: September 15, 2016 Last Edit: October 06, 2016

Thousands of working Hoosiers struggle to afford health
coverage, even when it’s available to them through their employer. Many who
have access to their employer’s health plan choose not to participate due to
the cost.

Thanks to a new program offered by the State of Indiana, HIP Link, you may now be able to
help your employees better afford or enroll for coverage in your plan(s). HIP
Link is the new premium assistance
program that helps eligible employees afford to participate in their employer’s
health plans

How does HIP Link work?  Employers, using a quick and simple online application,
register their health plans to participate. Most types of employer plans are
eligible for HIP Link, so long as the plan meets the minimum benefits
requirements of the Affordable Care Act and is verified as an affordable option
for employees. Once approved, their employees are then able to participate, as
long as they meet the eligibility requirements of the Healthy Indiana Plan. 

Who is eligible? To
qualify for HIP Link, employees must be at least 19-years-old with a household
income at or below approximately 138 percent of the federal poverty level and
meet the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) eligibility requirements. Household
limit is based on a sliding scale per dependent. Full Healthy
Indiana Plan eligibility requirements can be found here.

Once the employee is enrolled, the employer will deduct the employee portion of
the premium cost from their pay. The state will make an advance payment to the
employee to offset the amount deducted from their pay, minus a small
contribution made by the employee.

The premium payment to the employee comes from an HSA-like POWER account, a
state-funded account set at $4,000 per
eligible household member
on the plan. The remainder of the account not
used for premium assistance can be used towards deductibles, co-pays and other
eligible health care costs.

Why should an employer participate? The answer is simple – it helps your
most vulnerable employees better afford their health care costs, which can
translate to healthier and better performing employees for your business. 

Additionally, HIP Link may enable you to enroll more employees in your insurance program,
and help you meet health plan
participation requirements
. Additionally, small employers using the Health
Insurance Marketplace may receive tax benefits. If you offer vision and dental
benefits to your employees, these benefits will also be eligible for
reimbursement through HIP Link.

How do I sign up my
You can register as a HIP Link employer by filling out the application. If you
have additional questions about the program or would like to schedule a
presentation about the program for your business or community organization,
please contact Zach Zagar, HIP Link Recruiter for the State of Indiana, at [email protected] or at

Additional HIP
Link resources

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