The debate on fracking is beginning to heat up in Maryland

Date: February 02, 2015

While numerous anti-fracking bills failed in committee during the 2014 state legislative session and former Gov. Martin O’Malley effectively blocked natural gas development attempts with a series of economic impact studies, the issue could see a turnaround in 2015.

In one of his final moves in office, following a report from Maryland’s departments of Environment and Natural Resources, outgoing Gov. O’Malley proposed of a set of sweeping regulations he called the “gold standard” for balancing the risks and rewards of fracking and protecting the state’s people and natural resources.

“Gov. Larry Hogan has said he wants to make sure fracking is done in a safe way, but also cited Marylanders need jobs,” says Jessica Cooper, NFIB’s Maryland state director. “Safe natural gas development promises to be one of western Maryland’s largest opportunities for economic growth and job development. More than two dozen states that have embraced hydraulic fracturing have experienced enormous job creation and expansion. The development of the Marcellus Shale natural gas would bring significant private investment and much-needed job creation and economic activity to a depressed portion of our state.”

In other states, fracking has had a tremendous impact on businesses, like these key benefits:

  • Business growth for many industries, including drilling companies, oil and gas pipeline and infrastructure companies, equipment manufacturers, land surveyors, engineers, power companies and hospitals.
  • Economic boost for area businesses that benefit from the influx of workers who spend their paychecks at restaurants, hotels, laundromats, stores, construction companies and professional service firms.
  • Increased ability to compete with neighboring states that allow fracking.

NFIB members are encouraged to contact their legislators and ask them to support fracking. CLICK HERE to take action.

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