6 Reasons Why Buckeye Small Biz Want Kasich for Prez

Date: January 12, 2015

Ahead of 2016, small biz ponders what a Kasich campaign could mean for the nation's economy.

Will second-term Ohio Gov. John Kasich run for president in 2016?
That’s the question everyone from George Stephanopoulos to Politico is asking these days, even though Kasich says he’s focused more on Ohio than early primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. 
The question fewer people are asking: What would Kasich mean for small business nationwide? Buckeye small business owners already know the answer, however: a stronger business climate. 
During Kasich’s long tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives, he earned a 93.4 percent favorable NFIB voting record and is a past recipient of the NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award. Before endorsing his re-election bid last year, NFIB/OH listed his accomplishments on behalf of their members:
1. Elimination of Ohio’s Death Tax
2. Emphasis on Workforce Development
3. Implementation of the Common Sense Initiative
4. Creation of Pass Through Entity State Tax Deductions
5. Accelerated Personal Income Tax Cuts
6. Notification of Tax Over Payments
“What’s good for small business is good for Ohio,” Gov. Kasich said in a prepared statement last July. “Helping small businesses do what they do best – create jobs – has been our focus over the past four years, and they’ve responded by helping our state to add over a quarter million new private sector jobs. Today, the job creators have spoken and it’s an honor to have their support.” 
And Roger R. Geiger, vice president/executive director of NFIB/Ohio, agreed. 
“Four years ago, small businesses recognized the need for a change in leadership in Ohio,” he said. “The economic climate was stymieing their ability to grow and create jobs. The entrepreneurs of Ohio believed in the vision offered by the Kasich-Taylor team…By eliminating Ohio’s death tax, creating the Common Sense Initiative, placing an emphasis on workforce development and returning hard earned dollars back to the job creators, this administration clearly recognizes the importance of small business in Ohio’s overall economy.  
Perhaps most important for small businesses owners nationwide, Kasich is focusing on passing a Balanced Budget Amendment. 
“Kasich has become more convinced that politicians will almost always punt if they aren’t forced to make tough choices,” according to a recent article in Politico. “Ohio and other states would run deficits, he believes, if they weren’t legally required to balance their budgets each year. The same rules should apply to Washington,” he says.
How would your small business be affected by a successful Kasich-for-President campaign? Tell us in the comments section below.

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