Minnesota Representative Says Political Grindlock Preventing Another Round of COVID-19 Relief

Date: August 20, 2020

Rep. Emmer Supports Liability Reform, PPP Flexibility in Next Round of Coronavirus

As part of NFIB’s Virtual Fly-In Rep. Tom Emmer told Minnesota small business owners that many people don’t understand what small business owners do. Rep Emmer sympathized with NFIB members, telling them that if you’re not an essential business he doesn’t know how they are surviving. “Now more than ever your role is necessary. However, I’m skeptical that we can get anything done until after the election, right now D.C. is in a total breakdown,” said Rep. Emmer.

During a virtual call, Emmer thanked small business owners for doing what they do, telling them that  he will never forget who he works for: small business owners.

After concerns from a Minnesota small business owner about the Corporate Transparency Act and giving out personal information to the Treasury Department, Rep. Emmer told Minnesota small business owners that they should be concerned, saying some people won’t stop until they have every aspect of their personal life under their control, including who they can hire. Emmer told small business owners that it’s all about the people they elect to congress to represent them and urged small business to vote in November.

As for another round of PPP funding, Emmer said he is not interested in spending more government money, rather he prefers taking the money that’s already out there and making sure it goes where it is needed. “There is PPP money left in the bank, let’s get it to small business owners who are still suffering.”

After concerns from a Minnesota member who is worried about being taken advantage of by a trial lawyer looking for a gold mine when it comes to the coronavirus, Rep. Emmer said that Congress needs to pass liability reform at the federal level. However, Emmer expressed frustration with the gridlock in D.C. right now, saying Democrats are blocking the way to getting this legislation passed.

Rep. Emmer also expressed his support for changing an aspect of the Paycheck Protection Program that right now, won’t let small business owners deduct expenses from their PPP. Emmer said even though Congress, the Treasury Department, and the Small Business Administration did something historic in April with the PPP, there were some flaws, and this is one of them. Emmer said he wants small business owners to be able to deduct their expenses and urged Minnesota small business owners to keep contacting their elected officials and sharing their stories.

Finally, Rep. Emmer said the PPP forgiveness aspect needs to be changed, expressing his support for streamlining the process for small business owners who received smaller loans, saying it shouldn’t cost more in lawyer fees to file paperwork than the actual loan itself.

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