Senator Sinema Talks to NFIB Arizona Members

Date: June 04, 2020

Exclusive conference call brings small-business owners up to date on Congressional actions

In an exclusive, June 2 conference call arranged by NFIB for its Arizona members, U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema minced no words about the two big federal loan programs meant to help small-business owners, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).

“I was a strong supporter of the PPP but as you know the implementation has been quite rocky,” the senator said, which was perhaps more charitable than her opinion of EIDL. “This program is a complete mess.”

It wasn’t until a hearing highlighting the problems that the U.S. Small Business Administration took a more active role in working with elected officials on smoothing out many of the problems with PPP and EIDL. Senator Sinema and her staff are in overdrive to help small-business owners resolve their problems. She pointed out three email addresses that could be of help to them:

  • [email protected] for small-business owners still having difficulties with their loans or needing more information about them
  • [email protected] for small-business owners who would like to help with her goal of getting more personal protective equipment (PPE) to their fellow small-business owners
  • [email protected] for those small-business owners who have implemented plans to make their workplaces safer and would like to share those plans with other small-business owners.

The senator also told callers about her Workplace Safety Tax Incentive that would help defray the cost of such things as onsite testing, plastic shields, and other COVID-19-related expenses.

Liability Protection

In answer to one caller’s question about liability, Senator Sinema responded, “I hear from small businesses throughout the state that owners are concerned and confused about what liability they might face if they reopen. Now, I believe very strongly that a business that is acting in good faith should not face baseless claims.”

The senator pointed out that liability protection has been and should remain a state issue that Arizona’s policymakers will have to come up with. “Generally speaking, we don’t want Washington, D.C., overruling Arizona law. However … if stakeholders believe that we need to have a federal standard to provide liability protection, I want to make sure we fashion it in a way that doesn’t undercut state law or isn’t preemptive of laws in Arizona.”

When Will it Return to Normal?

In answer to another caller’s question whether the senator would again be competing in a triathlon this year, she responded, “I think it’s highly unlikely that any large racing of any type, whether it be a triathlon, marathon, or cycling races, I think it’s unlikely races occur before we have a vaccine widely available in the United States, and that’s probably, to be honest, that’s probably next summer if everything goes well.”

Answers to other questions can be listened to by clicking the arrow in the graphic below.

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