2023 Small Business Challenges in the Montana Legislature

Date: June 09, 2021

NFIB prepares for the return of some bad ideas and for the expectation of new initiatives to new problems

Stopping a Local Option Tax

Another attempt by local governments to allow them to impose their own sales taxes is expected to resurface. It always does. The 2021 session of the Legislature may have put them one step further. In the final hours, the Legislature chose to add a local option tax to recreational marijuana. Now they have something to point to as a precedent. Although NFIB will still be able to argue that there is currently no collection method in place for any other type of local option tax – and weed is a bit different than a washing machine! – it is not good.

Holding Small Business Harmless in Marijuana Use

Employment issues related to recreational marijuana use, such as testing, terminations, workers’ compensation issues will appear in the next legislative session. NFIB will continue its fight to hold small businesses as legally harmless as possible.

Supporting the Right Workforce Development Policies

With an aging population and low unemployment numbers, Montana realizes that it is not just training it is lacking, but people to train. Workforce development will be a priority in the next Legislature, and NFIB will be working to make sure small businesses’ input is a part of any proposal.

Finding the Best Kind of Regulatory Relief

Gov. Greg Gianforte has promised to roll back the regulations that each agency has placed on businesses. The debate will now is what rules individual industries actually want to keep and which rules they want gone. For example, the guy wanting to become an appraiser probably would like to get rid of that required two-year apprenticeship which you cannot bill for your appraisals. The existing appraisers are probably going to want to keep that rule. Every industry has these issues and we will likely need to deal with them next session. 
NFIB is not an industry-specific association but one made up of members from many occupations, and for that reason will have an important guiding and counseling role to play.

Check out the small-business victories from the 2021 session here.

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