Small Business Issues in the 2021 Texas Legislature

Date: February 08, 2021

Texas Economic Protection & Recovery Act

NFIB is fighting for key legislation (TEPRA) this legislative session to help small businesses stabilize, rebuild, and grow after the COVID-19 crises. Core components will be business liability protections, regulatory consistency, tax relief and workforce skills training.

NFIB is fighting to Reduce Liability for Small Business Owners

Over 70% of NFIB members in Texas are concerned about increased liability when reopening during COVID-19. NFIB is working with Congress and the Texas legislature on passing legislation providing immunity and protecting against frivolous lawsuits during and after the COVID-19 crisis. NFIB is at the forefront pushing for Governor Abbott to make “business liability protections” one of his top priorities this legislative session in Texas.

NFIB is fighting to Stop PPP Surprise TAX Increases

We are fighting at both the federal and state levels to ensure that the forgivable expenses of the loan (payroll expenses) will not be taxed. The TX Comptroller has stated that those expenses would be considered gross receipts on a business’ franchise tax unless the legislature steps in. We are with legislators in both the Texas House and Senate to get a bill filed that would make those expenses tax deductible on the state level as well. NFIB will continue to fight for the Elimination of the Inventory Tax, Business Personal Property Taxes and to Repeal of the Franchise Tax & proposed minimum wage increases.

Restrictive Local Ordinances

NFIB is fighting to pass legislation that prohibits cities from passing restrictive local ordinances that create inconsistent labor practices for employers across the state. Cities are passing piecemeal ordinances that create uncertainty and administrative burdens. Cities should not regulate private employment practices.

To learn more about these critical issues and what NFIB is doing to address them, click here and download our Texas Small Business Legislative Agenda (PDF).


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