Issues Facing Illinois Small Businesses in the 2020 Legislature

Date: January 17, 2020

Dangerous Tax Hike Proposed

The graduated or “progressive” income tax portrayed as a “tax on the wealthy” will instead be a middle-class tax hike on C-corps and pass-throughs like S-Corps, sole proprietorships and partnerships. Example: This bill could be used to raise C-Corp taxes high as 15%. This will be on the November 2020 ballot. Illinois’ current flat tax is one advantage we have over other states. Grassroots activism at every level is needed to prevent this change in our state constitution which would give Springfield increased ability to manipulate tax rates.

Predictive Scheduling: Nightmare for Business

The proposed “Predictive Scheduling” law would force employers to create worker schedules 2 weeks in advance. Employees would be paid for hours not worked if their employer cancels scheduled work, regardless of circumstances beyond control such as weather, mechanical failures, no products, etc. Employers would face penalties and fines if named as “repeat offenders.” Legislation would also give workers the right to sue.

Cookie-Cutter Mandated Paid Sick Leave Still A Threat

NFIB will continue to oppose mandated paid sick leave legislation that would apply to all businesses no matter how small the business might be and would include both full and part-time workers. Under this bill, an hour of paid sick leave would be earned for every 40 hours worked.

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