2020 Challenges in the Colorado General Assembly

Date: March 29, 2020

Small business will be deeply involved in three top issues

Paid Family Medical/Sick Leave

Efforts will be made by proponents to pass a paid family medical/sick leave bill. Ignoring the fiscal situation Colorado now faces because of the coronavirus issue, proponents will insist the Colorado Legislature pass a state-run program that covers all employers, regardless of the number of employees. At the very least, it will be a 12-week program partially funded by employers and contain a job guarantee for those who utilize the leave.

Public Option for Health Care

Under the shield of “saving people money on healthcare,” the Legislature is likely to attempt the passage of a public option for health-care coverage. The current proposal will put unmeasurable power and authority in the hands of one person: The Insurance Commissioner. The Commissioner will have the authority to negotiate contracts concerning providers, hospitals, and insurance carriers. With a politically appointed “advisory” board, the commissioner will have unchecked authority.

Tax Increase for Transportation

Whether it be a fuel tax increase, or an increase in the state’s sales tax, or the state’s single factor income tax rate, attempts will be made to raise revenue in an attempt to fund Colorado’s transportation programs. Arguments will center around what type of projects get funded and should it be a multi-modal transportation program or apply only to new construction and maintenance of existing highways.


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