2023 Alaska Legislature Overview

Date: May 05, 2023

NFIB will be watching these key issues in 2023

The 2022 elections have resulted in many incoming freshmen. Nineteen out of forty house members are freshmen (two held office before) and five senators of the twenty are new to the senate. Of the new senators, two have not held a legislative seat before. The large number of new legislators will create many challenges in establishing the majorities necessary to move legislation through the process in this session.

Political calculations and affiliations will also be different with the new Ranked Choice Voting system in place. As political parties have less ability to impose sanctions in the primary elections, they will have to determine new strategies for imposing order and encouraging party-line legislative loyalty. Already the senate has organized as a bi-partisan leadership group with 17 total members: 9 Democrats and 8 Republicans. This shift away from party affiliated leadership will make it easier for labor backed and progressive liberal advocates to move their issues forward.

Overall, the political climate will be challenging for small business and will likely require a significant amount of educational engagement and outreach. NFIB will continue to work diligently this session to be sure that the voice of small business is heard loud and clear as these issues are debated.


NFIB will be watching these key issues in 2023:

Projected Top 2023 Issues:

Support Workforce Development

Oppose Minimum Wage Increases

Oppose Unemployment Benefit Increases

Watch for any new employer mandates

Monitor Childcare Expansion/Trust Fund

Seek Opportunities for Workers Compensation Reform


In addition, NFIB will be surveying our members to determine the small business position on the proposed expansion of public employee retirement benefits. As always, we also be on guard for any emerging issues that would be harmful or helpful to Alaska small business.


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