NFIB's Duggan: We're Bringing the Voice of Small Business to Capitol Hill

Date: June 07, 2018

NFIB members,

In two weeks, more than 700 NFIB members and guests will travel to Washington, D.C., to bring the voice of small business to Capitol Hill. Our message to lawmakers: Small and independent business must come first in your decision-making.

NFIB arranged these legislator meetings as part of our annual Fly-In. This event, which brings hundreds of NFIB members to D.C. each year, is one more way NFIB connects you directly to lawmakers, getting results for small business. At last year’s event, Vice President Mike Pence addressed NFIB members, saying, “NFIB is a titan of American excellence and entrepreneurship. For nearly 75 years, NFIB has brought together American small businesses and given them a voice in the halls of government.”

Our voice will be strong again at this year’s event, particularly on tax reform. In a recent NFIB Research Center tax survey, 75 percent of you told us the new tax law will positively affect your business. With a lower tax bill, you said you plan to increase employee compensation, add employees, and increase business investment.

The responses to this survey show tax reform is working for small business. When we meet with our legislators, we’ll make sure they understand: The tax bill is good for small business and for the economy, and it must be protected. 

We’ve heard talk that some new tax cuts might be made permanent. If that’s the case, the 20 percent small business deduction must be made permanent, too. After our Fly-In, lawmakers will know that NFIB and small business is watching for action on this key provision.

Through your participation in our advocacy and grassroots work—writing lawmakers, attending NFIB events, and even testifying before legislators—policies that come out of Washington, D.C., and each statehouse have a fighting chance to bolster small business. That matters to you, of course, and it matters to America. Small and independent businesses are the engine of our economy.

Thank you for being an NFIB member, for staying engaged with us, and for being the voice of small business.


Juanita D. Duggan
NFIB President

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