What to Know About Your New NFIB State Member Ballot

Date: January 04, 2023

NFIB’s state issues ballot gives you a chance to make your voice heard on a few of the issues that matter most to small business owners

NFIB member ballots are published in two rounds, the first half was published on Nov. 30 and the second half on Jan. 4. The members in the following states can now vote their ballots: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Utah. If you live in a state besides the ones listed, your ballot is also available now, having launched in November.

As a small business owner, NFIB depends on you to vote for your positions on the laws, rules, and proposals that will impact small businesses in your state. Unique among business associations and other groups, the lobbying positions NFIB takes in state capitals as well as Washington, D.C. are based on what its small-business-owning members say are important to their ability to own, operate, and grow their businesses. 

NFIB’s member ballot system has been the same constant and foundational element of our work for more than 75 years. Our policy is One Member, One Vote: every member gets one vote on the key issues, both state and federal, with no exceptions. This democratic system ensures that the voices of all small businesses are heard on the issues that matter to them. NFIB members typically vote on key issues in three ballots each year on the federal and state policy positions NFIB should take.  

“One Member, One Vote drives the many ways our State Directors and their teams serve America’s small business owners in all 50 state capitols,” said Vice President of State Government Relations Tim Goodrich. “We’re grateful for NFIB members’ engagement with each ballot – it enables NFIB to best serve as the voice of small business across the nation.” 

The next ballot to go out is a 2023 state issues ballot. If you’re an NFIB member who lives in one of the states listed above, you either will receive or have already received an email, fax, and/or post card with information on completing your state’s ballot online.

Each state’s ballot includes a selection of major issues that matter to Main Street – such as vehicle emission standards, tax relief, Medicaid expansion, minimum wage, and more. Each question has a paragraph of background, as well as arguments for and against the proposed action. On each issue, small business owners can vote “yes”, “no”, or “undecided.” When a position gains significant majority support, then that state’s advocacy team makes it a high priority. NFIB’s advocacy teams are singularly focused on advancing small business interests in all 50 state capitals and Washington, DC. 

NFIB’s ballots are only available to NFIB members. If you aren’t an NFIB member, join today to vote your state’s ballot. The NFIB membership sign-up process takes only a few minutes and filling out the ballot takes just a few minutes more – but it will shape NFIB’s efforts and impact for months to come. 

NFIB is committed to holding lawmakers accountable and encouraging them to put the needs of small business owners first in state capitals across the country.

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