Resources to Support Pro-Small Business Candidates This Election Cycle

Date: July 20, 2022

Learn how to engage with campaigns and which candidates NFIB’s PACs have endorsed

The 2022 election cycle is in full swing, and this is a crucial election year for small business owners nationwide. Electing pro-small business candidates is essential as small businesses are still facing record-high inflation, workforce shortages, high gas prices, and supply chain disruptions, all while recovering from the pandemic. NFIB has several educational resources for business owners running for office, members learning about the candidates endorsed by NFIB’s Political Action Committees (PACs), and advocates looking for ways to engage with campaigns.


It’s never too early to engage and learn where your candidates stand on small business issues. Congress will soon be in recess, so members will be returning to their home states, giving their constituents opportunities to meet and interact with them. Don’t miss your opportunity to attend a local campaign event to learn more about how they plan to support small business. 

NFIB members can contact their NFIB state director to set up a roundtable at their small business. This is a great opportunity for NFIB members to show what a day in the life of a small business owner is like and to sit down with their Representative to discuss the immediate issues that are affecting their business. Building these relationships is also beneficial for the future when small business policies come up.  

As a small business owner, you are influential and respected in your communities and can also educate your networks on important issues that will affect small businesses, employees, and your communities. 

Endorsed Candidates

NFIB’s PACs support candidates who stand up for small business. The NFIB Fed PAC has approved 226 candidates for endorsement so far this election cycle. Endorsements are based exclusively on a candidate’s positions and record on small business issues, regardless of party affiliation. NFIB members can view a list of NFIB PAC-endorsed candidates by state.

NFIB members will also receive their state-specific 2022 Voter Guide as the General Election approaches that features endorsed candidates and important voting information, including voter registration deadlines and ways to vote.

Are you running?

If you are running for office, let NFIB’s political team know! Currently, 14 NFIB members are running for federal office. NFIB has a Political Action Guide and a member-exclusive Small Business Guide to Running for Office for guidance on running a successful campaign. NFIB also hosted the three-part Path to Public Service webinar series last fall where members who have been involved in campaigns, served as appointed officials, and ran for office discussed their experiences.

Register to Vote!

There are many ways to be an engaged pro-small business voter, but it starts with registering to vote. States have completed redistricting, so now is a great time to make sure you are registered so you can cast your vote for pro-small business candidates.



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