Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Go Toe-to-Toe at the Third Presidential Debate

Date: October 21, 2016

The two candidates squared off for the final time this election season, including sparring over some major small business issues.

It was the same song and dance during the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As in the first two debates, Clinton and Trump started off slow and steady, but quickly engaged in heated exchanges. This time, they tackled topics such as gun control, abortion, and the economy. 


Personal attacks were also on the table. Clinton called Trump Vladimir Putin’s “puppet.” Trump retaliated with “You’re the puppet!” and later called Clinton “a nasty woman.” 

But amid the barbs, did anyone emerge the winner? The answer varies across the board. Clinton had her “best debate performance,” and came across as “deeply human and relatable,” according to The Washington PostTrump remained “calm, informed, and reasonable,” and stayed on message, according to Fox News

While the candidates didn’t tackle all the pressing issues owners have, some relevant topics were discussed, including taxes, healthcare, and minimum wage. Here’s what Clinton and Trump had to say (a full transcript of the debate can be found here). 


As with the first two debates, the candidates’ tax plans were a hot topic of the night, although neither Trump nor Clinton deviated much from what they have said previously. 

Trump said he’s “going to cut business taxes massively,” and “bring the $2.5 trillion that’s offshore back into the country.” 

Clinton reiterated her plan to “not raise taxes on anyone making $250,000 or less,” as well as “not add a penny to the debt.” 


While the topic of healthcare mainly focused around the issue of abortion, both candidates took time to discuss Obamacare and the changes they would each make to it. 

Trump, as he has said in the past, will “repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare,” and mentioned how “premiums are going up 60%, 70%, 80%,” and, by next year, “up over 100%.” 

Clinton said she wants to “go after the long-term healthcare drivers,” as well as “get costs down, increase value, [and] emphasize wellness.” 

Minimum wage 

Neither candidate talked much about minimum wage, but Clinton repeated her stance to “raise the national minimum wage because people who work full-time should not still be in poverty,” and again mentioned her goal of equal pay for women. 

*Note: This news coverage does not equate to an endorsement of any candidate by NFIB.

Photo credit: Adam Schultz for Hillary for America


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