Small Business on the Ballot for Midterm Elections Nov. 8

Date: November 02, 2022

Be the voice of small business in the midterm elections

The upcoming midterm elections are on Nov. 8, and small business is on the ballot. If you didn’t vote early, Nov. 8 is your chance to make the voice of small business heard. NFIB has endorsed candidates across the country and sent employees to meet with NFIB members in key states to ensure they are registered to vote and have looked over the Voter Guide to see which candidates are pro-small business.

Road Team

In the days and weeks building up to the Nov. 8 midterm election, NFIB’s Road Teams traveled across several key states with close races, including Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, with the goal of encouraging NFIB members to get out and vote for pro-small business candidates.

During Road Team, NFIB goes door-to-door to meet with members and give them their member-exclusive Voter Guide. This gives small business owners a chance to discuss the importance of the upcoming election and what it means for their small business, directly with NFIB.

  • Team Nevada reached a total of 402 businesses across all 4 congressional districts.
  • Team Arizona reached 220 member businesses and communicated NFIB PAC endorsements of congressional, statewide, and state legislative candidates.
  • Team Pennsylvania is in the field this week leading up to Election Day and has reached over 200 NFIB members so far to hear what their top priorities and concerns are going into the election and get out the vote.

NFIB has created member-exclusive Voter Guides as the most comprehensive resource to find state-specific voting information such as early voting dates, polling locations, and our 2022 NFIB Political Action Committee (NFIB PAC)-endorsed candidates. NFIB compiles this information for busy small business owners to provide a quick overview of which candidates are pro-small business before going to the polls.


NFIB candidate endorsements are based exclusively on a candidate’s positions and record on small business issues, regardless of party affiliation. If a candidate is an incumbent, endorsements were based off their current voting record. Challengers were interviewed by NFIB staff and completed a questionnaire on small business issues. For open seats, NFIB surveyed all NFIB members in the state or district to ask if NFIB should be involved in the race and if so, which candidate the members recommended that NFIB support as the voice of small business.

NFIB members can see a list of endorsed candidates and access their exclusive Voter Guide by logging into the NFIB website. If you are not an NFIB member, you can join and register to gain access.

As the midterm election approaches, now is the time to encourage friends, family, and coworkers to be the voice of small business by voting on or before Nov. 8.

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